>First Impression

23 Nov

>About a year ago Adam reconnected with his freshmen roommate from NC State; Carl Lentz. He told me how him and Carl used to be twins in college; those who know Adam know what I am talking about. But after a couple emails back and forth Adam had discovered that Carl was the same Carl expect that instead of being a baller he was a pastor, husband and father. He had dedicated his life to Jesus Christ.

Carl invited us to come hear him preach at Wave Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia. At first I was hesitant; one because it was my first time flying without Jayden and two because I didn’t know anything about his old roommate or church. Well it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. Carl, his family, church, and friends made it the most incredible experience in accepting Jesus Christ as our savior.
So what’s the first impression title about?
Ever since we were able to get a feel of the Wave Church experience we haven’t been able to find a church like that in our area. On Sunday while Adam was at practice, I decided that Jayden and I would go check out a different church. I chose the church because in the local paper it said, “inspiring music and relevant message.” Well my first impression was not the best, no one welcomed us in or showed us where to go. After some great music I was excited to be introduced to the Pastor, however, he wasn’t there and the Youth Pastor was leading the service. Within the first few minutes it was very apparent he was not used to speaking in front of a large crowd. Between every couple words there was also an, “umm…and…umm…umm….” I couldn’t even concentrate on the message. So my first impression was not good but we will go back next week in hopes that the Senior Pastor will be there.
Thank you Carl and Wave Church for setting my standards so high!

One Response to “>First Impression”

  1. Maria November 23, 2009 at 5:25 PM #

    >When you find "the" church, you will know it. As I said on FB, I wish you lived closer, so I could invite you to our church. Everyone is welcomed at the door. 🙂

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